Why the name Nomilix?

After spending a long time on searching, investigating and playing around with multiple combinations and names - Nomilix simply just felt like home.

The name is based on a mix of two things:

- A beloved core memory of my dearest daughter Naomi, who pronounced her name ”Omi” when being a toddler

- And one of my favorit cartoon characters, Obelix, who is known for his superhuman strength, simplemindedness, loyalty and being kind-hearted.

Obelix is different from the others due to falling into a cauldron of the Gauls' magic potion when he was a baby resulting of permanent state of superhuman strength.

How it all started

The simple truth is, I made a choice of beginning my journey with Nomilix because I want to fully explore and take advances of my superhuman powers! I have dreamt of building my own, being my own boss for many years and it should be no secret that mental health is a high priority for me.

As a Neurodivergent I have spend to much energy and resources on trying to adapt the world, fit the boxes, or not being a burden due to the difficulties others might not understand. Now is the time for me to prioritize my value and use my resources properly and instead insure an everyday life that fits me and my needs, making me able to be the best version of myself and the mother that my daughter deserves.

As a person with both ADHD and Autism I find the world truly misinformed, and I dream of being part of changing that. I want to educate others, provide them with knowledge and understanding, wanting to break the myths and taboos around having diagnoses meanwhile also inspire others to embrace themselves, follow their dreams regardless of what society tells them.

Who am I

I am an easily excitable person with a great sense of humor, characterized by curiosity of exploring new things. Structure, planning, scheduling, and routines is

a major key for me to function and develop.

I own the ability to work exceptionally calm in stressed situations and unique capability to spot patterns and repetitions, due to distinctive imagination and strong visual perception, which helps me identify and analyze opportunities or potential issues - allowing me to form ideas, make decisions, and create action for alternate problem-solving.

I am a highly passionated, truly dedicated and very unique woman with danish roots living in Sweden.

I would like to consider myself as someone who can relate to anyone and any culture or background

– less likely to judge others.

I am extremely empathetic and people often find me trustworthy, which makes it easy for me to communicate and to connect with everyone I meet.

Reading people and adjusting to their needs are second nature to me, and even though I am half-deaf on one ear my listening skills are in their own league!😉

I see opportunities in problems and have an optimistic approach, allowing me to see beyond what is just in front of me.